Dandelion Break Boring Book Summary - A Challenge

Ignore planning application notices at your peril (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

A collection of oddballs and right proper weirdos pointlessly mooch around a gothic castle (Titus Groan)

A tight-fisted, miserable old git finds redemption one night. (A Christmas Carol)

Socially inept schoolboy writes about what he does every day. (The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole - aged 13¾)
A traditional blend granulated sugar and glucose syrup - watch your teeth. (Brighton Rock)

A trip with my mum's sister (Travels With My Aunt)

One fewer than forty but one more than 38 (The 39 Steps)

A surfeit of Scottish Spirits (Whisky Galore)
Everybody deserves to die and indeed most of them die (the old testament)
Everybody deserves to die but most are redeemed (the new testament)

A really short person who lives in a hole of sorts. (The Hobbit)

No bird was harmed and nobody laughed (To Kill a Mocking Bird)
A man puts some underpants on his head, sticks two pencils up his nose, and says "wibble". (Catch 22)

The tale of a Tarmac gang rebuilding infrastructure following an apocalyptic event. (On The Road)