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August WINNER!

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Jul 26, 2018
This month's Flash Club is now open. I have something FUN for August!!

This month I'd like you to write a story in 6 (yes S-I-X) words.
There's no genre or prompt (I'm not that cruel ;) )


-To participate, use the word limit given to write a piece of flash fiction, then post below to make your entry.

-Please make your entry anonymous by clicking the anonymous button, but if you forget, don't worry, that's okay too. (Note: Guardians can see who posts.) So, take a risk and try something new.

-To make the Flash Club the special place it is, we need your votes. You can vote by clicking 'like' or 'love'. If a piece grabs you, please hit the 'like' button. If a piece sweeps you off your seat, please hit 'love'. At the end of the month, I will count up the votes. In a tie, 'Love' will trump 'like'. Please don't vote for your own work.

-The entry with the most votes will be the winner of an extraordinary hand-crafted (!!) virtual trophy. And, more importantly: some of our very prized, and internationally-renowned, virtual Litopi-cake.

-The most generous voter will get a mention. At the end of the month, I will announce the most supportive Flash Voter who will get the prize of a special shout-out and some of our aforementioned Litopi-cake.
(Please don't just hit every entry to ensure a win. That's not helping the author).

-Please keep to the word count! Writing to a specific brief is good practice. I'll be strict :face-with-monocle: when it comes to word count. @Barbara was a pussycat in comparison ;) ;) )

-Entries over the word count limit can’t win (dem is the rulz) But! you don't have to use up the full limit. If you want to say something inless words, that's perfectly fine.

-The competition is open to all members. Feel free to enter more than one.

-The main rule here: we ask you not to critique.

*The Flash Club isn't about winning. It's about trying something new. It's about grabbing readers with words, and gauging the response*

So, ready? Let’s go
Not open for further replies.

August WINNER!

Lyrical Prose