August Flash Club - Closing Soon!

Page 69, how many did you get?

Japanese language - fascination with books

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Mar 1, 2020

Just two days left to enter this month's Flash Club Comp!!! August Flash - scroll to top of the thread for rules and prompt.

We've been running a new system of anonymous entries and we've had a noticeably increased number of submissions.

It's just a bit of fun really but a great exercise to get those off-the-top-of-your-head ideas on screen. Who knows what inspiration a sub could trigger? It just might act as a catalyst that sees you writing the next big thing, and before you know it you could be doing the rounds of the chat shows talking about how it all came about. :cool:

So come on, don't be shy. It's open to all members and we've got nothing to lose and the admiration of our peers to gain.


It's important that we vote too
. So find yourself a quiet half hour, have a sit down with a cup of tea, coffee or glass of wine to read the entries and cast your vote.

When voting even though we might feel tempted to vote for all entries (because this being Litopia they'll all be great anyway) a better and more accurate result will emerge if we exercise restraint and vote only for those that really stand out for us.

We have also introduced two types of votes using our site emojis - a like (thumbs up) and a love (heart eyes) - in the event of ties the greater number of loves on a sub will carry more weight and act as the breaker.

Also the most prolific voter of the month will get a mention too.
Not open for further replies.

Page 69, how many did you get?

Japanese language - fascination with books