Fanfare! Announcing A New Way To Consume Courses & Seminars Here! And… The First Seminar…

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Capo Famiglia
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May 19, 2014
London UK
I’m delighted to announce the opening of a new, dedicated Courses & Seminars area.

Log in to your Account Portal and you’ll now see a new item in the main menu – “Courses” (this is for Full Members only, you can upgrade your account at any time in the same Account Portal).

Click on “Courses” and you’ll see the first seminar is now available… “The Joy of Synopses”.

You can access this area as much as you want to; in fact, I’d encourage you to review each new seminar several times.

The Joy of Synopses” is a distilled version of an earlier Synopses / Book Proposals / Sell Sheets video we had in the Colony’s original Writers’ Seminars forum, which will soon be moved over to the new Courses & Seminars area. I think you’ll be pleased with the improved way we’re now supporting this important aspect of the Colony.

The Joy of Synopses” is now a very tight 90-minute seminar. But that’s just the start. As you’ll see from the video itself, subtitles enhance and clarify the message. There are now downloadables for you to print out and follow along with. And there’s even a quiz (somewhat light-hearted – this isn’t supposed to be a drag!) for you to take post-seminar.

And there’s even a bonus feature, too… but I’ll let you discover that on your own!

We’ll be populating the Courses & Seminars area with lots more content in the weeks ahead.

There’s a Feedback Form at the end of each seminar for you to give suggestions and comments, but any thoughts you may immediately have will be very welcome in this thread, too.
The accounts portal won't let me log in. It says username/email or password are wrong.
You’re probably trying to log in to the Account Portal using your Colony password.

You have two logins. One to the Colony (here) and the other to your Account Portal. Both passwords can easily be reset, more info here. Let me know if this works.
Love this seminar. Thank you for what I'm sure was a mammoth amount of work! Super appreciated. Tons of useful stuff. I like the different synopsis. Two for me, one for them. I got 2 questions wrong in the quiz tho. Doh. (BTW, new fave word... onanism.)

I'm sad to be missing huddle where I'm sure it's being talked about and there's lots of efforts to implement it and put it into action. Time differences and daylight savings suck.

@PCFrontier and @tyes - If you haven't already, check it out! :D

Blog Post: I Miss Your Smile

Blog Post: Stories that stay with you