A Gentle Reminder - Litopia's Prime Directive

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Carol Rose

Sep 13, 2014
Indiana, USA
Litopia's Prime Directive is quite simple - be nice to each other. This means not giving offense, not taking offense. The Prime Directive also states that our ethos is based around self help.

Seeking publication, or being published and then seeking an audience and chasing sales, can be a daunting and frustrating experience. We're human, and we all need to vent from time to time. Discussions about the industry are always welcome at Litopia. It's a place where we can share our fears, hopes, dreams, as well as our own experiences. It's a place to learn about how this industry really works. This is one of the main reasons @AgentPete founded Litopia, and it's this collective consciousness that makes it unique among writing groups.

However, one of the other ways in which Litopia remains unique is that threads aren't allowed to devolve into the kinds of mudslinging and finger pointing one typically sees on social media, or an individual's blog where filters don't have to be in place. These types of posts usually result in backlash, back and forth accusations, frequently ending with one or more authors' careers tarnished or even ruined. It's the kind of situation we want to avoid and will not encourage here at Litopia. Discussions of that sort add no value to our writing careers.

Litopia is about adding value and coming together for a common purpose. We want to lift each other up, not tear each other down. Calling out individual authors, agents, publishers, celebrities, and any individual, whether they are members of Litopia or not, with the intent of parading their alleged or real shortcomings in this forum is a direct violation of the Prime Directive. Simple as that. It also risks damaging your own career and reputation.

Before you post, please consider whether you are posting in general about a discussion topic related to writing and the industry, or whether you are posting something that specifically calls out an individual or business. If it's the latter, please revise the post to make it a general discussion instead. If in doubt, re-read the Prime Directive, or PM a Guardian or @AgentPete directly. Thank you.
Bumping this back up because there have already been two instances today of people calling out authors or agents individually in a non-Litopian way. Doing this violates @AgentPete's Prime Directive. Please don't do this. Please. Please re-read the post above. Discuss writing or the industry without attaching nastiness to a person or entity. Simple. Really. Thank you.
Not open for further replies.