1. ChandlerJules

    To Say Nothing of the Dog, ICYMI here is Connie Willis

    I am re-reading Connie Willis' To Say Nothing of the Dog, with great delight. She has a long and brilliant career in the Science Fiction world including: The Doomsday Book, Bellwether, All Clear, plus many others and numerous short stories. June 27 marks the release of her latest: The Road to...
  2. Katie-Ellen

    Amusement So many books still to little time

  3. P

    Alfie & the Ghost

    It’s bad enough that Alfie is facing a spell at the dreaded Flogmore Academy but life gets even more complicated when a ghost appears in his bedroom bringing problems of his own! Can Alfie avoid his own terrible fate while saving his new friend from becoming someone’s spare shadow? The answer...
  4. P

    Tails of a Country Garden

    No longer a kitten, and after being thwarted by his human servants for way too long, Fleet finally escapes into the garden for the first time. Strongclaw, older and supposedly wiser, has taught him what to expect – stupid dogs, mad squirrels, feline invaders – and his instructions are to chase...
  5. A

    Nice to meet you all!

    Hello folks, Nice to join you all on here. I had to think a bit too hard about the verification question so relieved to have got it right! My name is Andrew Carter, I'm a twenty-nine year old writer from Leeds, England. (Well, I say 'writer,' - it's not my job, I actually work in social...
  6. James Marinero


    Made me laugh! (Tom Cheney, The New Yorker)