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Fanfare Litopia’s Writing Groups Are Now Open

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Capo Famiglia
I’m very pleased to announce the opening of a totally new area here – Writing Groups.

First, some background. We created The Houses some years ago, when the publishing model was really quite different to what it is today. If you recall, those were the days when the only way to become a published author was to get the attention and interest of one of the gatekeepers to the industry. People like me!

And sure enough, access to The Houses was based on a pretty subjective assessment of quality of work.

However, things have changed. There are more routes to market than ever before. Just getting past a gatekeeper doesn’t guarantee you publishing success. Many successful writers don’t tread the traditional route, and are all the better for not doing so.

But there is one constant in all this flux, and that is the ever-present need to write compelling prose.

Today more than ever before, it is vital that your writing connects – and powerfully – with your reader.

After all, she is not short of distractions.

The focus of Litopia’s Writing Groups is precise, intense, and very personal. This is the place where you can laboratory-test your writing for the 21st century reader.

Where you can form valuable writing/reviewing partnerships with other Litopians.

Remember my mantra:

Writers hone their craft by doing it and reviewing it.

So let’s get started:)
Not open for further replies.