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Feedback on our Writing Groups

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Capo Famiglia
After a little tech teething trouble, which I think has now been resolved, our Writing Groups are active and working. I’d like to know what you think of them so far, and whether you have any suggestions looking ahead.

One issue that’s emerged is that the creator of a group cannot remove it when it is no longer being used. I’m afraid that’s hard coded by design, and it means that to delete your group, you’ll have to ask a Mod to do it for you.

Any tweaks/suggestions welcome...
So far so good, mainly, Only criticism is that the procedure for setting up groups, threads, etc takes a bit of getting used to -- I found it confusing at first. But then I am not techie in any sense, unless the technology is a pencil.
I have no sensible suggestions. Your videos are good -- they must be if I managed to follow them -- so I'd just stay with the status quo. Someone who knows about websites might have ideas for improving it, but that's just not me.
The only thing I found confusing is that there is a group forum and a group discussion. I'm not clear what the distinction is and how they should be used. At least I know they're there now!!

I've only critiques so far and haven't tried creating a group of my own - that'll be my next challenge. :)
Not open for further replies.