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A UK Publisher seeking mysteries

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Thanks for posting this, Patricia. I'll be querying them this weekend—unusually, they ask for the whole manuscript, not just the first three chapters, which strikes me as a better way of judging a writer's work.

They look to be a relatively new outfit and Joffe Books in an imprint of Not So Noble Books. I found some Doubting Thomas feedback about them on absolutewrite. com:

[ePub] Joffe Books / Not So Noble Books [Archive] - Absolute Write Water Cooler

I'll still make a submission to them—after all, I needn't accept any offer to publish that they make—and wouldn't it be nice to say 'No' to a publisher, rather than get another rejection?

Doing some more checking, I found this interview with Jasper Joffe, in which he comes across as a decent fellow:

The Rebel Magazine: Interview with Jasper Joffe of Joffe Books

One thing that I like about them, is that their best-selling authors are mature writers.
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