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Amusement Writing memes (add your favourites)

James Marinero

As it happens I wrote an article yesterday about my habit of keeping a character book. Here's a quote, absolutely true!

Then I remembered the madman​

He was a guy I’d done some work for a couple of years before. He was a borderline-mad type A personality and a legend in his own mind, a Canadian of oriental extraction living in Las Vegas (not that those are prerequisites for madness). There were many aspects of his character manifested in strange behaviors, such as having seven separate baskets for his different types/colors of dirty clothes to be washed. Also, he lived alone (no surprise) and had difficulty retaining housekeepers.

He once sent me an ad he’d placed in Craigslist for a housekeeper, asking why he was getting highly abusive emails in response. The ad was beyond belief, for example telling people not to apply if they were stupid, or Mexican. And it it went on and got worse. Much worse. Embarrassingly worse. He just could not see why it was a problem. I didn’t explain. We later fell out. He still owes me money. One day I’ll get Luigi and his pals to go round there and collect for me.

Just joking, but really only about Luigi.