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Why You Will Feel Your Book Is A Failure (but don't let that stop you)

Happy Holidays from the land of Benito Trumpolini

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Could you write a Bestseller?

And why you'll hate your book 20,000 words in. (I could relate to that)

Interview with John Connolly, author of The Book of Lost Things.

If you get tired writing, he suggests, lower your target, go slower, or swap to writing something else, like a blog, to keep in the rhythm. He found that if he paused three weeks to do other things, publicity etc, it took him three weeks to settle back into writing

Your book needs characters to care about, or plot will not save it.

John Connolly

Paul Whybrow

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John Connolly is one of my writing heroes. I love his Charlie Parker series of detective stories and adored the fantastical world he created in The Book Of Lost Things.

A quote from that book sums up what he says about characterisation in the podcast:

“For in every adult there dwells the child that was, and in every child there lies the adult that will be.”
Not open for further replies.

Happy Holidays from the land of Benito Trumpolini