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Reality Check Why do so few agents give feedback when they decline?


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The video link won't work, sadly. She has protected her tweets, but a freelance editor is saying:-

We want pre-polished, edited manuscripts. Why? We don't get paid until the writer gets paid. Agents do not get paid to edit or provide feedback. If we offer feedback it comes out of our own personal time. Cherish any feedback you do get. We only give it if we see there is a potential for publication.
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Capo Famiglia
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Agents are reluctant to give feedback because (1) it is indeed a significant drain on their own time (5 mins each X 140 subs = 11.5 hours a day!) (2) it opens the door to an ongoing correspondence that probably won't be productive; (3) putting their own views in writing may be a hostage to fortune and could call their judgement into question when/if your work becomes a bestseller :)

(I had several elaborate rejections for WOLF BROTHER that I still occasionally dig out and smirk over…)