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What Would You Do? Stop Moaning, Minnie

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Hey Fellow Writers, Why it’s so important as writers, in order to help ourselves we must help others. Below is some feedback from one of the many friends I made at the CBC writing course. Even though the course is now over, we keep in touch and have just arranged a get together. Okay alcohol drinks included lol. This is from my friend I reviewed her first ten pages as she goes through the rewriting stage before the polishing stage and then putting it out to agents. “I really loved the inner POV you added. You made iseult more immediate. After that i liked some of, some not so much, but again I can see how it made her dilemma more tangible so I will use it when I come to polish it. I can defiantly take a lot of lessons from it. Your a great teacher” - made me feel all fuzzy. And I have done it for a few of my friends from the CBC writing course. Something I very much look forward to doing here now I have been granted access to the writing group. Hip hip hooray. Are you allowed to put up your work in the writing group? Work you have submitted to Pete for review/representation? For example one chapter of the three you have submitted? Kind Regards, Alix
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Hi Alix,

In principle, you can put up anything you like for critique. You have full control over your privacy settings in the Writing Groups Directory, so you can protect and control the distribution of your work.

You can find instructions from @AgentPete on how to use the writing groups here.

Here you'll find a PDF on the Litopia method for giving and receiving critiques.

And here is a sample template for a thread in the Writing Groups Directory.

I hope that helps!

Not open for further replies.


What Would You Do? Stop Moaning, Minnie