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Capo Famiglia
Litopia’s Writing Groups have proven to be some of the most valued parts of the Colony. This is the place where you can road-test your work-in-progress: honing your writing skills with your peers while developing your next publishing project.

And now, we’ve updated the user interface to make the Groups look and feel more like any other part of the Colony. Litopia’s Writing Groups are now much easier to use, and give you more individual control over the way they work.

Here’s what’s new...

Getting Access to Litopia’s Writing Groups

If you are a brand new member, you won’t immediately see the Groups.

You will only get access to the Groups when (a) you have been a member of the Colony for 7 days; and (b) you have made 20 posts. This is to prevent people from joining Litopia solely to gain a critique of their work and then leaving without contributing to the life of the Colony.

Creating Your Own Writing Group

Creating your own Writing Group is as easy as creating a new thread in any other part of the Colony. In fact, that’s exactly how you do it: go into the Writing Groups Directory and click “Post Thread”. This thread now becomes your own Group.

  • Enter a title for the thread.
  • Write some description about your work, the genre, the sort of input you’re looking for, and so on.
  • Upload a document if you wish (max size 3 meg).
  • Ask for other Litopians to join you.

Controlling Privacy

No-one wants their work-in-progress to be freely downloaded all over the internet. So right from the start, you will see that the Writing Groups Directory is shielded from public view or access. You must be a member of Litopia to see the Writing Groups; and you must have qualified for access to the Writing Groups as per the access criteria above.

Initially, that may be enough privacy for you. Remember, you want your fellow Litopians to be able to see your new Group so that they can join it!

However, once you have created your Group, and asked fellow Litopians to join – then you may want to increase the privacy settings. Which you can now do very easily:


  • Click on the “More Options” symbol at the top of the thread.
  • Select “Change to private thread”.

That will have the effect of hiding the Group from everyone apart from Group members (and of course moderators). You decide who you want to invite to join the Group:


  • Fill in the names of all the Group members, click the button, and your Group can now only be accessed by the people you have specified.

And Even More Flexibility...

One of the most frequently-asked-for features under the old Groups system was for Group owners to be able to delete their Group when its work was done. Well now, you can do that - and more...

Keep looking under the “More Options” menu, and you’ll see you now have the ability to:

  • Edit the thread. This allows you to change the thread’s title.
  • Close the thread. This will lock the group to any new posts. You can also unlock if whenver you want to.
  • Create a poll. If you want to ask your participants to vote on something.
  • Delete the thread. As it sounds – when the Group’s life is over, you can delete it.

And that’s pretty much it, folks. Ask here if anything is unclear. Otherwise… let’s get to work!
Not open for further replies.