What is the Copyright Directive?

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Sep 25, 2014
Hot potato culled via Twitter and the Society of Authors, article from the British Copyright Council. Maybe this belongs better in the Writing Wiki @Carol Rose?

SoA says it has combed through every line and is for it. It does not limit freedom they say, but does better protect authors and artists. Not everyone agrees.

Twitter Feed here:

Could it be an extinction level event for the Internet? *sips tea*

6 days until the EU votes on an extinction-level event for the internet: here's what they'll debate
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Good myth-busting from BCC. This initiative sounds excellent & needs to be more broadly appreciated. Thanks for posting, KTLN!
I must admit, I don't feel qualified to hold an opinion based on the information contained in the links above. But it certainty is a hot potato and I'm glad you posted it, Katie.

I do wonder if the problem of fair remuneration for content creators is in fact much deeper than the current debate (and therefore won't be resolved whatever the outcome). At the risk of waffling off into the meaningless abstract, I wonder what Smith, Keynes and Marx would have to say about this.
Yes. It would change everything. Given how stupid we turned out to be, which I imagine is something the internet has only revealed not created, I'm not so sure it's a bad idea. Let us work for our drivel/propaganda/unvetted/unverified/conspiracty theory nonsense.

Oh. I don't think it affects me. Carry on.
Cory Doctorow has added further thoughts on boingboing about the EU's copyright proposals:

The amendments for the EU's catastrophic copyright proposals don't fix a goddamned thing

Albert Einstein declared that, "Bureaucracy is the death of all sound work." The proposals sound to me like bureaucrats making jobs for more bureaucrats, regulators, administrators, thought police...call them what you will. Government bodies have an appalling record worldwide in tackling anything to do with computers.

Here, in the UK, various schemes have been implemented to computerise the National Health Service, to administer subsidies to farmers, to organise the armed forces and to bring in a national identity card—all of which failed, costing the taxpayer billions.

Labour's computer blunders cost £26bn

The Internet is like a waterfall: how do you apply filters to a waterfall?
Not open for further replies.

Resilience & the Writer

Do you use Submittable?