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Review Welcome To New York

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Capo Famiglia
Full Member
1) Depardieu is grotesquely, preposterously, life-threateningly obese. I have never seen such a shockingly fat, naked man.

2) I found some of the orgies unintentionally funny, but no-one else in the cinema was laughing, so I didn’t dare.

3) The two rape scenes are not funny at all.

4) Even actors of the calibre of Depardieu and Bisset cannot reliably improvise. Films have writers for a reason, guys.

5) Contrary to his stated intention, Depardieu unintentionally makes the Dominique Strauss-Kahn character sympathetic, particularly as he is being “processed” by the NYPD authorities. Did you really intend this, Abel?

6) There’s a rawness about the film that works.

7) It could have been a whole lot better.
Not open for further replies.