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The writing in our stars?


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Just reading up a bit of astronomical and astrological background on the fixed stars of the zodiac sign of Taurus. Once upon a time all astronomers were astrologers too. And it was already known, though not publicly, that the Earth was Heliocentric. It was known long before Copernicus. 3rd century BC, Aristarchus of Samos had described what was, -so far as we know- the first serious model of a heliocentric Solar System.

All the named stars have their own ancient storyboards.

"Zaurak (23'52 degrees) is the Boat located in the constellation of the River, Eridanus. Of the nature of Saturn & Mercury, if negatively aspected, it can indicate melancholy, loneliness and a preoccupation with death. If positively aspected, however, it can give it's natives the faith that no one is ever really alone.

This star is found in the charts of many writers and poets. "

Poetic stuff, eh. And there are sure to be many other stars that beam the Muses.

Zaurak the Boat is also called Gamma Eridanus (Eridanus is The River) More technically, it is specifically associated with the natal charts of people born 11-20 May.