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Capo Famiglia
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Hello Everyone,

I hope you and yours are safe and sound and hunkering down comfortably. The Colony is busier than ever and ready to support your writing life in every way we can. While many of us are on “lockdown”, Cafe Life offers us the sort of social interaction and fun & games that may be in short supply elsewhere in our lives. Be your own barista, and get the craic going!

Personal privacy and private conversations are an essential part of human communication, but not always handled very well (or at all) on the net. So it’s good to know that The Back Room is there for you whenever you want – it’s a secret hidey-hole that’s immune to prying eyes and invisible to search engines. And while we’re talking in confidence, Litopia’ own chat room offers real-time Private Conversations, too. Whether you want to shout from the rooftops or whisper quietly to a friend, Litopia is there for you.

We’ve had a lot of positive comments about Litopia’s monthly Huddles. What I’m proposing to do, for the duration of the present emergency, is to run them weekly – every Saturday. I’m also temporarily suspending priority booking, which means that all members will have equal access. If you haven’t yet been part of a Huddle, this is your cue to join in now. The next one will take place on Saturday 4th April - reserve your place now!

I do appreciate that many folk are concerned about money at the moment. Litopia’s basic membership is, and will continue to be, free. Nevertheless, we will disappear without the support of our members so please, if you can - upgrade your membership now.

I’m already looking forward to this Saturday because we’re running another Pop-Ups Catch-Up. This is an impromptu event for Litopians only, and we aim to together cover about 50 submissions sent in to Pop-Ups, deciding which ones to take forwards to the show itself. I do hope you can join me live: I very much appreciate having your company and input. Kicks off at 5pm UK time.

Finally, a note on daylight savings time, which commences in the UK this Sunday when the clocks go forwards an hour. This means that the difference between UK and US time will be back to the usual 5 hours East coast and 8 hours West. You can check the time in your part of the world here.

Looking forward to seeing you at one or more of the above events!
Not open for further replies.

Collective Muse (chat)

Vanity Presses b Self-Publishing Service Companies