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Pop-Ups Catch Up - Saturday 28th March


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May 5, 2018
@June Whitaker yes, please join us next time! You don't have to make any comment at all, if you don't want to. You can just observe silently! It's very useful to see what justifications are made for taking a submission further or for rejecting it outright. It would definitely give you food for thought in relation to the future presentation of your own work. :)

Hannah F

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Jan 18, 2020
Roslin, Edinburgh, Scotland
It's a great learning process. Makes you think about your own work as well as the subs you read plus a great insight into what'll happen to your submission when it arrives at a publisher's. I definitely recommend it even if you don't want to comment on anything.
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Sep 11, 2019
buffalo, NY
I’ll put it on my calendar (very, very full, you know) and jump in! It’ll be 11:30 am here in buffalo, ny, across the pond; but am is as good as pm for partying in our new tipsy turbo world (or topsy turvy- sheesh autocorrect. Back off!).