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Amusement The Strangest Books

An amusing word puzzle

Amusement Alternative ending

Paul Whybrow

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An article from today's Dail Mail on peculiar books:

The strangest books and manuscripts ever written

True Story: As a schoolboy at a posh grammar school in the 1960s exams were an ordeal to be feared, as the results could affect one's chances of being accepted to university. One of my fellow pupils was useless as Chemistry, so decided to write formulas on his consult when he visited the boys' urinals during the exam. The problem was, he inked them on his skin while aroused, a condition difficult to reproduce in the tense circumstances, so he was unable to read them! He didn't get any sympathy. ;)


Harvard Discovers Old Library Books Bound in Human Skin
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An amusing word puzzle

Amusement Alternative ending