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Capo Famiglia
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May 19, 2014
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THE NEW(1).jpgThis is something new which I hope may be the forerunner to an interesting & ethical business model for us.

First of all, many Litopians will know that I’m suitably jaundiced / cynical about most attempts to “monetize the slushpile” that we’re constantly seeing everywhere now. It’s as if many of us in the industry have forgotten that the main purpose of the publishing business is – surprise! – to actually sell books, and instead we’re chasing the megabucks of seminars and writing “academies”.

I’m not going to lecture you (uh, not at the moment!) about everything that’s wrong with that particular construct.

However, I think I’ve got a pretty good alternative.

I’ve learnt an awful lot in Huddles (and also, less directly, by doing Pop-Up Submissions) about what writers feel they most need in terms of education / support / confidence / know-how.

There are probably about a dozen key topics that writers either really want to know more about – or they really need to know more about (note the difference, folks!).

I don’t believe in over-academicising writing, and I don’t believe in over-commoditising it. Both of these extremes in fact take power away from writers, and turn them into consumers.

Writers aren’t consumers. They’re actually producers; with vibrant, strong and unique voices.

Nevertheless, there are some basics you gotta know.

So here’s my idea. We’re going to be doing a restricted number of seminars. On topics that (I’m pretty certain) most writers will benefit from knowing more about.

These seminars will be free to Full Members.

Yes, I did say – *** free *** !

Even to non-members or non-paying members, the cost will be very, very affordable… around the $19.95 mark.

Yes, some people will want to pay hundreds (or thousands) of dollars for the same seminar experience because… if it costs more, it must be worth more. Well, let them.

I hope you like this idea.

I hope you come along to the first seminar on Saturday 4th September.

And I hope you spread the word because… this will only work if people know what we’re doing, like what we’re doing, and support us.

:) p.
That's the dress code right there. You also need to show you have a full glass of alcohol in one grubby hand and a plate of cake in the other. (@Barbara is awfully particular about the cake bit, just so you know).
My hands are always clean (ex chef)... though my t-shirt or jumper usually has sawdust (from boyfriend's fanatical woodworking), hay (from guinea pig bottoms), shed hair (from me) or crumbs (from baking) all over it.

My dress sense is sort of Bojack Horseman. Should fit in fine.
(@Barbara is awfully particular about the cake bit, just so you know)
Oh, yes. Very. Entry ONLY by cake.

@Emily is very good at smuggling gaining entry with cake. Her suitcase must smell very sweet.
hay (from guinea pig bottoms)
If you could bring the guinea pig too, that would be lovely. But maybe don't show us its bottom.
Do we need to book, or can we just rock up on the 4th and slink in, looking dishevelled?
You definitely have to book, same as any Huddle. Full Members can book here.

Currently, you need to have been a Full Member for 7 days and have made seven postings here in the Colony before you get Huddle access. This is to stop outsiders from simply barging in, maybe not taking our Huddle rules seriously (particularly confidentiality) and barging out again. The 7/7 rule means that there’s a requirement to manifest some commitment.

Also, I should say that there is a fixed maximum of 100 seats to the seminar, so put your name down now!
That's what I meant; do we need to book now, as opposed to just before? I will book.

I'm just catching up on this @SM Worsey

I will add you to the Private Group, but won't be setting it up until nearer the time. End of August. For full members it's essentially the same process as joining a Huddle.
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Reality Check This one stung

Don't forget!