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Bernard Stacey

For quite some time I mourned the loss of the old Litopia. The odd skirmish aside, it was such fun and I owed it a lot in terms of advice and new online friends.
Imagine my pleasure today when, idly browsing, I find that Lazarus-like, it's back!
Some of you may remember me as Red Dolphin, later Alex Buchanan, but I have thrown aside these foolish pseudonyms and emerge as the real me into the cold light of New Litopia.
It'll doubtless take me a while to find my way round this new layout but I hope to get stuck in once more. I've already seen with delight that the Flash Fiction is back. I think that was my favourite part previously.
Now to go and explore!
Well welcome back. The site seems to be growing, so there is plenty to see. Let us know what you write, we are always hungry for knowledge ;)
Hello Bernard. Nice to see you - and a flash fan, excellent. (*Makes note)
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