Skip the Agents, go direct to Publisher

Opportunity. Your short story on the radio.

Fanfare! Release Day!! Imaginary Lover - The Doms of Sybaris Cove 7

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Alistair Roberts

Ok, that title isn't a suggestion. We all know very few publishers will even look at an unsolicited manuscript. However there are a (very) few and I might have just got lucky!!! I found one who actually liked my synopsis and first three chapters and now want to see the entire novel. I've been concentrating on sending out my third novel, "Merlin and Ceridwen" and so now I am pretty happy :D

I did once get an offer to publish my first novel, but as I wasn't going to get paid for over 18 months, it didn't work out. Now I better get back to editing it, as I'm half way through doing so to tidy it up and make it flow a little better.
PS I have brandy in my coffee, but I won't repeat that (today) as I need a clear head to edit, and then start printing off a hard copy.

PS, anyone had dealings with Austin Macauley in London?
Agents have to get used to the idea that they’re no longer the sole gatekeepers.

I started to adapt to that concept some time ago – hence Litopia, which is a far more collegiate approach, i.e. we’re all in this together.

It means that there are now a number of different routes to market - which makes things more complicated, but also, to the upside, gives you more shots at the bullseye...
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I'd also say that for those us writing non-fiction, getting published without an agent has always been an option, as most non-fiction publishers do take un-agented submissions. I had a number of books published without an agent, then got a unique agent (ahem) representing me, who hugely improved my visibility. Since then, by mutual agreement, I'm back to doing the business myself, and it all seems to be working out fairly well...
I still dream of writing that ONE NOVEL that an agent takes on, sells to a dream publisher (do those still exist???) and despite the fact that the Big Six are falling apart, I get the deal that skyrockets me to the likes of J.K. Rowling, Nora Roberts, or heck I'll even take Stephanie Meyers or E.L. James. LOL!!
Nothing wrong with dreaming, isn't that where the best (fiction) stories come from? :p
I see that a favourite publisher, Canongate, will at least look at an unsolicited submission.

I'd still want an agent though, even if hitting such a bullseye, for all the rest of it.
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Opportunity. Your short story on the radio.

Fanfare! Release Day!! Imaginary Lover - The Doms of Sybaris Cove 7