Science Fiction: Ridley Scott's Prometheus

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Sep 25, 2014
Anyone see it on the box last night? I'd seen it before and thought it pretty much did a nose dive, after a compelling opening scene. I didn't mind the odd massive ambiguity, that's as it should be, but there was a lot of clunkiness.

A Chariot of The Gods idea.

Great questions and great visuals, naturally, and a totally creepy and horrid death scene; a thing like a cobra was the thing that frightened me most. And then, we realize that the thing in 'Alien' shares so much human DNA it's practically a cousin.

But the characterization and behaviour of the crew as a professional expedition, I just couldn't believe in.

An analysis: contains spoilers.

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I saw it before. Was really disappointed. It just didn't keep my attention at all. not like the other Alien films.
I saw it when it came out in theaters over here. I liked it, but nothing will ever beat the second Aliens movie. It made me want to grow up to be a space Marine!
I watched it Katie-Ellen. It was typical of a modern Ridley Scott film - a few interesting ideas, a great cast and arresting visual set pieces lost/wasted by a script that wasn't anywhere near tight enough. Scott reminds me of a Martin Amis-type author - someone who has had such success in the past they seem to be beyond editing. For all their obvious talent their work therefore becomes flabby and self-indulgent (Quentin Tarantino has gone this way too in my opinion).

It's a shame, especially since the budget for a RS film could fund ten quality independent films whose directors would be hungry and open to the kind of feedback that makes films tight and watchable.
I was one of those sad people who pre-ordered tickets for the midnight screening. I was so excited it was like I was eight years old and waiting to see Starwars for the first time (If you have to ask 'which Starwars?', you're too young to understand).
My initial thoughts as the closing credits appeared was "oh dear".
That said, I've seen it a few more times and I've softened to it. It's still deeply flawed, but it's more intelligent than it made itself look on first view. The Christmas connection, the way people don't share information, it's good stuff, but..
Well, this is where I'm going to sound completely pompous but, have you ever walked out of a cinema and thought, 'That movie would have been so much better if they'd given me a call before they finalised the script.'?
Dumb question from someone who hasn't seen the film - but what was the 'Christmas connection'? I ask coz I have written a scifi short which draws heavily on the Christmas story, and I really hope I haven't spent time writing something which could be interpreted as being derivative....:mad:
what was the 'Christmas connection'?
They landed at Christmas, so there were decorations up in the mess hall. It was under-played, but there was a kind of messianic theme to the whole thing.
They followed a star to where in a 'shed', some trouble was waiting, alive though long dead.

May 2015 is a great month for Venus in brilliance. Look west after sunset and watch for Venus in conjunction with a waxing Moon May 23rd.
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I never got on with that song. As if a space man would travel zillions of miles from the Planet Quarg to say "Nar-na na nar - na na nar na na nar - Nar na na nar na na nar.."
Obviously a dodgy translator.
I know. As if. Why, when he could just manifest through a singularity, and say "Nar-na na nar - na na nar na na nar - Nar na na nar na na nar."
Exactly. Yet more evidence to support my "call us before finalising the script" hypothesis.
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