Offending Mark Zuckerberg!

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Paul Whybrow

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Jun 20, 2015
Cornwall, UK
I haven't dated in ten years, so naughtiness has been absent from my life, but I've just put my foot in it with Facebook.

To celebrate becoming a pensioner in July, I bought a copy of Nick Cave's Push The Sky Away album on eBay. I love the title track, which is a song of hope. It kept playing in my mind, as I slogged through building a blog and a website devoted to my crime novel series.

The cover shows him seemingly ordering his ex-model wife Susie Bick from the room...she's totally nude.

It was an impromptu shot snapped by the photographer between posed sessions, which they preferred for the cover.


I'd played the song on YouTube, so decided to post it on Facebook. I chose a full-length version, not thinking too much about the nudity, for the shot was taken from 30' away and you can't see anything much.

It's a running joke that Mark Zuckerberg is terrified of nipples, as so many innocent pics featuring them have been banned.

Its 2016 and Facebook is still terrified of women's nipples

Apparently, he's scared of pubic hair too, for though Susie Bick's minge is barely discernible, it got my post shunted off into the sin bin for contravening Facebook's Community Standards. A few pixels of pubes made me naughty again!

Now, where did I put my magnifying glass? :rolleyes:

The lyrics: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Push The Sky Away Lyrics |
I'm not keen on that image, and it's not the nudity as such but the context; alienation, exile, lamentation and subjugation. He's keeping his stuff safely covered up. But that's probably exactly the point. It's not an image of marital subjugation, though it certainly risks looking that way. It's surely got to be a classical reference. I'm supposing there's a story here, Nick Cave as the archangel Uriel driving the fallen Eve out of Eden. (And where is Adam?)

Far worse things, truly terrible have been shown on FB.
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