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Gigi K

Jul 31, 2019
Hi fellow Litopians!
So, I've been writing for a few years and have finished my novel - well, "finished" as in as finished as I think can be - I've submitted to a few agents and had some nice feedback but despite one call for the full ms, no one is interested enough. Hoping to push it to the next level!
Welcome and congrats on finishing. The Writing Groups are the place to improve, there's nothing like a reader's perspective :)
Hi Gigi, take a breath and get cracking on the next one. ;) Welcome to the Colony! :)
Hey There and a Big Welcome
I too once thought I'd finished my novel. It happened six months ago, then again three months ago. About to finish it again before setting my sights on Christmas.
I was warned I would need a lot of perseverance :)
Hello and welcome!
A request for a full MS is a definite feather in your cap, especially if it's your first novel. Well done!
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