New and eager to write

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Hello, everyone!

My name is Cos and it's a pleasure to meet you all. I'm an aspiring writer and if you'd have me, I'd love to occasionally ask for your advice on this or that little piece of thought and dream.

In my professional life I'm also a software developer, and since I have started writing my novel I have developed a tool to help me organize and visualize my writing, called Storyline Creator, just thought I'd let you know. If you're interested in learning more about it, just give me a ping.

Best regards and see you around,
Warm welcome! Could you develop a software that would recognize what I wanted to say with these terrible, crooked sentences and change them accordingly? :D But I guess that would take all the fun away ;)
Heh, I would love a tool that makes my writing coherent and interesting. But alas, we have to struggle.
Not open for further replies.