Lunch with 4 agents - 6 June London

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Feb 27, 2015
This is the sort of thing I would invest in if I had a polished novel.

I appreciate some might be cynical about paying for a lunch with agents but it seems like an opportunity to me. Especially as it focuses on under 12 books so very focused lunch and a foot in the door imo.

They have a few spaces still : How to Hook an Agent - Children's fiction

I can see both arguments, after all why pay when the submission process is a freely accessible route to show off one's manuscript.

But in my experience, of publishing card games in both the games and toy industries, it is a people's market so networking and getting your name consistently out there is key. Very expensive process I'll admit (doesn't always have to be btw) but the opportunities are there for those who want it.

I see this more as a networking event plus the agents, I'm sure aren't in it just for the luncheon, are actively seeking new authors.
I don't doubt it will add value to the cover letter if you dropped a mention of seeing them there when you write to them formerly seeking representation.

I don't expect to convince the stirrers here but thought I'd add another perspective :D
And looking at their product more closely, I have my suspicions that it may have been "inspired" by us... I've never seen anything similar offered before.
Look at it this way... Who on earth can afford to pay to travel to London, pay for travel in London, pay for accommodation in or around London and then pay these 4 for their time which you have to share anyway? Most of us are already out of luck at the cost of getting to London!
Winchester!! So even if I was interested (which I'm not... but just for discussions sake...) I would be swapping 433.9 miles for 438.3 miles! Haha!! It's further away! Lol
Scratch that. I can't afford to pay them for banter even if I wanted to. Plus I'd probably just disagree with them anyway :p tthat would be sods law. I'd end up with the folk who had a hate for fantasy or something lol
I bet it's both and then I bet you still have to pay for your lunch too. What it boils down to... as it always does, is the haves and have nots. Who you know not what you know. Whose time you can pay for and whose you can't afford. Getting ahead in life is rarely about the quality of your work. It'sIt's about the pennies you place in the powerful people's pockets.

And i'mI'm not just talking about writing here. It's the same across the board.

If and when I ever scramble to the top of the ladder, I'll be remembering who put me there. Unlike certain people I won't name. Wow. This has turned into a rant lol oops. I'lI shut up now.

"OH LOOK!!" *jumps up and down and points* "An agent's lunch! How exciting! Let's go!"
I don't know if i can concur with that. My experiences have been very different. But I suppose our experiences will colour our viewpoints. Hoping you get to experience the highs soon - your books are (in the words of my teenage wannabe self) awesome!! Well what I've read so far. I'll pm you soon ;)
Hehe yeah I agree experience taints opinion. Still an opinion shared by all creates a stand glass window of different views that create the whole picture for those outside the box to see and if we (tthe component parts) just take a few steps back... We will see them too ;)
Buy 'em all fish 'n' chips, heh. Or, if you want agent input on an MS that MIGHT be ready to ship, you could book a one to one with our AgentPete without having to travel.
He'll tell you straight where your challenge lies...but kindly.
P.s. Thanks for the "awesome" complement ;)

You're welcome...btw I'm over 3,000 miles away from London...I forgot to mention that. :rolleyes: :D Be home soonish though.:cool:

And speaking of the haves and have nots...apparently they don't give you a free upgrade on flights if you have kids ;) (I asked)
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Open University - Free Writing course