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Jul 26, 2018
In 2019, the beautiful @Barbara and myself organised the first ever LITFEST where a group of us Litopians met, ate plenty, drank far too much, had mighty craic and fantastic conversation... (not forgetting to mention: much cake).

We plan on doing it again! (having been thwarted a couple of times over the past three years, thanks to The Unmentionable Thing).

We are thinking: LONDON, SPRING 2023. I know it is a long way away, but for those who are planning on flying in again or perhaps coming over to the UK on holidays, maybe we could all coordinate? (having The Sausage Story told in person would complete my life, @Eva Ulian )

If you are interested, -even vaguely- can you perhaps register your interest below, so we have an idea of how we can coordinate to suit the majority, and maybe even make it an entire weekend of partying, beer and pizza sensible writerly conversation, sparkling water and nibbling on crackers and grapes.

Wooooo-hoooooooooooooo!!!! Let's do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, interested if there's crashing space (can be floor space for my sleeping bag). London doesn't have camp sites and hotels are out of my budget
Well, our reasoning for mentioning this all MONTHS in advance is so that perhaps we could figure out dates and then perhaps get accommodation that doesn't squeeze us dry :) There's a fantastic hostel called Clink78 (an old gaol!) in Kings Cross, which could work on a budget (but hence we'd need definite dates asap to book it)
Think that might work best if some people wanted to come just for the day. So that would give wider options too.
Count me in. My niece has a fabulous tapas and cocktail bar in Exmouth Market (Islington) if that helps.
And Ronny, if the hotel doesn’t appeal, I have floor (with sofa cushions on) that’s a train ride away.

And if you play your cards right, Bev, you could make a killing in renting out your floor space... £5 per square foot or something :D (the shorties amongst us will get the best deal here)
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Poll Zodiac Signs of Litopia

Question: Shall We Stop ChatGPT From Visiting the Colony?