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Paul Whybrow

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Jun 20, 2015
Cornwall, UK
We’ve discussed Impostor Syndrome before:

I was reminded of it by a brilliant cartoon in today’s newsletter from Hyperallergic.


I smiled at the punchline in the final box.

Once again, I’m feeling like an impostor, as I stumble around learning how to use Twitter and Instagram. I keep wondering: “What am I doing here? Will anything I post make a difference to anything?”

But, that’s part and parcel of being a writer. The world of writing and publishing thrives on creating doubt. Subscribe to one hundred newsletters from writing gurus and soon you’ll be inundated with advice on what you’re doing wrong...and, if you simply pay £450 for a weekend residential course, all of your errors will be chased away.

What a writer desires is some form of validation. Things get so uncertain, that we analyse the language used in rejection letters for solace!

I come alive when I write more of my WIP, which is how I know I’m real and not an impostor. Tweeting and posting on social media is restrictive and repetitive, as I tailor my words to have an effect—which makes me feel like a con man—get the punters’ confidence and maybe they’ll buy my books!

Impostor me...sort of.

How about you?


Tony Schwartz (author) - Wikipedia
Oh no Paul, I've never felt an impostor. I do networking because I want and like to, also because being isolated upon a hill and in a non English-speaking country you get the urge, desire absolute compulsion to mess about with the rest of the human race on the web, in English.

If the truth is to be told, I'm 100% me on the stage as I am off it. Though I can understand, it is not everyone's cup of tea; much depends on your desires and needs and of course personality.
Not open for further replies.

Please Join me This Saturday for Pop-Ups Catch-Up...

WIP Pruning