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Capo Famiglia
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May 19, 2014
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If anyone would like to help out with the following two tasks, you will earn my heartfelt admiration for evermore… (ok, let’s make that deep appreciation…)

*** Seasonal Colony Artwork for Home Page ***

On our main index page (home page) you’ll notice that each main section of the Colony has a background graphic behind the text… e.g. this is what Cafe Life looks like:

Screenshot_2021-04-21 Litopia.png
I would love to be able to change these images regularly, perhaps with the seasons. The basic image size is 1400px x 380, but cropping will occur depending on what device you're using to access us.

If anyone – or their family – would like to give us an occasional seasonal facelift, please go ahead and let me know!

*** Help with Video Editing ***

This is an important but not too difficult task that’s part of the Pop-Up Submissions prep work every week. We already have a small but quite frankly amazing Pop-Up team who make each episode possible (seriously – it wouldn’t be possible without a lot of behind the scenes work by my collaborators).

As you know, each submission is painstakingly recorded by one of our brilliant narrators. This produces an audio file that then needs to be turned into a video file for transmission. That’s what we need help with.

It’s not technically difficult, and I can give as much hand-holding as needed. Basically, you’ll be using a video editing program (such as the free OBS, but if you have your own favourite please use it) to play the audio file and match it up with the on-screen video. The resulting video file is then used to playout live on the show.

If you’d like to help with this, please let me know.

:) p.
I am clueless when it comes to videos. o_O But I could look through my photographic files to see if I can find any suitable pictures. It's the size that's a bit awkward though.
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Truby’s 25 lessons

Press Release Me (Let Me Go!)