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A warm welcome to the Colony and hope you enjoy it here. @Cliff Sombito. Litopia is a friendly and supportive community. The best thing to do is dive right in.

In answer to your question, the Writing Workshops Directory WWD is the place to road test your opening pages, chapters, blurbs & synopses etc.

We have lots of people happy to give and receive advice on works in progress. You'll get the most from the Colony with a two-way exchange and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how beneficial offering critiques on the works of others is for your own work.

If there's anything you're unsure about please drop me a message and I'll be happy to help.

Great to have you here.
Hi @Cliff Sombito

For some reason the link on the how to guide is broken - I will get it up and running as soon as I discover the problem.
Hi Cliff

Welcome to the Colony! Any questions about the site, please message me. I'm one of the Guardians and always happy to help.

Do check out the Colony Notices to familiarize yourself with how the site works – The Prime Directive is the foundation of our ethos. For literary chat and general socializing, Café Life is THE place to be. We also have a Flash Club to stretch your writing muscles, and a poetry area, plus much more.

So get stuck in. You'll see that the more you put in, the more you get out. You'll learn a lot here.

Great to have you on board.
That's great. Thanks again. I'll wait.
Hi Cliff, we have had a recent site restructure and I think it's fallen behind a radiator or something. I will see about having it restored. In the meantime do have a look around. I see too that you write short stories so be sure and look at the monthly short story competition in Flash Club
Welcome to the Colony, Cliff!

If you log out of the colony, you'll see the Start Here thread, which includes the How To guide with all its handy links to various parts of the site.

Make yourself at home, feel free to explore the various forums and threads. Also, it's well worth subscribing to the Litopia Youtube channel so you can get involved in Pop-Up Submissions and learn the tricks and tips that lead to hooking yourself a publishing deal.

Surrealist short stories sound fun! :)
Hello, Cliff, and welcome! As RK Capps said, Café Life is the place for introductions so you're in the right place :) Remember, don't be shy about offering your own critiques of others' work, as well as submitting your own stories. Your opinions as a reader are as valid and important as anyone else's. Your surrealist stories sound interesting – I look forward to reading some soon.
Hi, @Cliff Sombito , great to see you here and can't wait to read your stories! The Guardians are very helpful and will steer you the right way if you post something in the wrong forum. We're all friends here!
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