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Jackie F

Sep 14, 2018
Hi all
My name is Jackie Forster I'm from the UK. I just found Litopia while searching for a literary agent and it seems like the place to get questions answered. I am a technophobe so this is all new to me. I still use a pen a paper to write my first drafts. Its nice to know I'm not the only one with questions.
Hi Jackie - welcome! (I share your guilty secret - I too like to use pen and paper to scribble, jot down ideas, play around with a story, etc)
Hi Jackie, welcome to the Colony! It certainly is a place for answering questions, but also for making connections, sharing critique, and growing as a writer. I hope you enjoy your stay. :)
Welcome Jackie! Never fear, there are plenty of us who appreciate paper and pen. Personally, I'm particularly fond of a good mechanical pencil for first drafts--the bonus being that in time the pencil will smear and become illegible. Never a bad idea to have a self-destructing first draft. ;)
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