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samantha maxfield

Hello Litopia

I'm feeling a teensy bit shy but let me introduce myself as Sam Maxfield, writer of novels and short stories. I've just left teaching to take a two year break so I can really have a a crack at my long-held dream. It's a bit scary out here on my own, although I'm loving being able to devote all my time to writing after doing it part-time for so many years. Discovered Litopia this week and read some of your posts. You seem like a friendly bunch. Can I cast my lot in with you?
Hello Sam – you sound just the sort of person Litopia was created for... welcome! Hope it’s a happy and productive time here for you.
Hello, thanks for the welcome Katie-Ellen and AgentPete! I'm looking forward to my time here.
Katie-Ellen, I'm just redrafting my latest novel about a woman who has to deal with possibly the world's most embarrassing grandmother and a move to the ugliest seaside town imaginable.

Can I just say it was your 'Final Countdown' lyrics on the Interstellar thread that clinched my decision to join. A bold choice...

Right, better get back to work!
I have what many would consider an unusual day job. Someone asked me once to look in my tarot oracle in respect of the end of the world. Not that we don't all have more pressing preoccupations. Embarrasing grandmothers. Excellent! It is my ambition to become one, or at least embarrass my children. I mean, come on, revenge time :)
Hi, Sam! Welcome to the forum. :) I think it's great that you're dedicating your time to what you love. Your novel sounds fun! Grandparents can come out with all sorts so I think it's something people will be able to relate to. :D
Hi Sam - welcome and best of luck with your career break (I'm envious!).
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