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Regression--or rediscovery


Book Review: State of Wonder by Ann Patchett

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Kimberly Concepcion

Hello, Litopia!

My name is Kimberly Concepcion. I've been aspiring to become a published author since I fell in love with creative writing in the 5th grade, and since then I've been writing fiction as a hobby ever since. I came across Litopia by a recommendation of a friend who has opted not to be named.

I'm currently working on a manuscript of an idea I've been playing around with for the past three months, setting aside the previous MS I've been constantly re-writing for the past 13 years-- yes, I know, that's an awfully long time to write a book! But life gets in the way, and most recently (yesterday, Oct 16), I figured it was time for a fresh idea to get my inspiration flowing again. And so here I am, finally trying a new story (the 3-month old idea), and banking my dreams and aspirations on becoming a future author from there.

So that's me, Kimberly. And it's a pleasure to be here.
Hi Kimberly. Your history, as in the progression of your writing ambitions, sounds a like lot mine. I enjoy writing fantasy and science fiction. What's your genre?
Hi Kimberly. Your history, as in the progression of your writing ambitions, sounds a like lot mine. I enjoy writing fantasy and science fiction. What's your genre?

My genre is also sci-fi/fantasy!
Welcome to Litopia- I'm sure you'll love it here and find plenty of help and encouragement.
Thank you everyone for such a warm welcome. I'm looking forward to talk to people and read and edit other people's work and my own! As I've mentioned before, I'm a sci-fi/fantasy writer. The first book that is taking forever to write is about 5 teenagers who obtain powers from an ancient item, while the second, fresher idea is about a shaman who contracted with a forbidden summoning realm of his culture in order to save his own life.

@Katie-Ellen Hazeldine: Thank you for the reference!
@AliG: I certainly think so!
@AgentPete: Thank you. I hope so too!
@Everyone: Thank you again!
hello and welcome aboard!
A good friend of mine has a beautiful katana on his wall-- sort of a samuri sword but for house to house fighting. He told me it was made by an apprentice to a master sword maker and had been folded several thousand times to get it sharp enough to cut through paper. I asked how old the guy was and he said 70-- and still an apprentice! The *master* was over 80. It takes as long as it takes so might as well enjoy the journey shall we?
Welcome Kimberly!

Like you I'm an unpublished author who's been working at it for a few years so I'm looking forward to reading some of your work and hopefully getting some feedback on my own.

You have an awesome surname by the way, especially for a sci-fi writer :)
@Katie-Ellen Hazeldine: It's more of the aspect of Japanese Shamans, being connected with spirits and all. But the term of "shaman" is very loosely based. The main focus is on summoning the spirits. And the main character's realm does have a Faustian aspect to it. :)

@Steven McC: Oh! Sounds exciting! I'm trying to write the first five pages of this new idea first; I want to make it as gripping as possible before I proceed any further. What's yours about? I'll gladly look into it! And thank you~~ Fun fact, I thought having this last name made me weird, but now I know it would definitely make me stand out.

@Octopus Messiah: Yeah, haha. There's a lot of tears shed and hardwork put into unpublished writing--- as all of us know. LOL

@Everyone: Hello. XD
Hi Kimberly

My last completed novel was a wierd, literary historical-adventure type thing following two young men trying to find out the truth behind the death of the poet Percy Shelley. Interestingly, like you, I concentrated first of all on having a really striking, exciting first few pages - first of all to get me involved in the novel and secondly to try and grip the attention of an agent. Sadly, the latter part of this plan didn't work :(

I think Pete has said once we get a certain number of new members he will open up forums to allow us to critique each others' work so I'd happily have a look at your first few pages and you at mine to see if we can help each other.

Concepcion is definitely a great sci-fi name :) It suggests creativity but in a sci-fi-ish kind of way, with that 'c' instead of a 't' in the middle making it seem even cooler. If I saw that name on the shelf it would stand out.
@Frances Gow: Oooh! This is really getting me excited!! I'm looking forward to collaborating with everyone in critiquing each other's work and becoming a better writer together!!

@Steven McC: Oh, don't I know it. I was able to finish the first book (the one that lasted nearly a decade) and sent a Query Letter to publishers and agents. Let's just say it's a harsh world out there (as you all know). I re-read the work, and it sucked, honest to goodness. LOL So I scraped it off and started over. And I can't get it to work so here I am with this shaman/summoner idea, trying a fresh start. And wow! A forum! It would be great to do a sci-fi forum or something.

@Everyone: Does anyone know where to post a "first five pages" thing so we can critique and such? Still trying to get the hang of things around here. Thank you!
@everyone I think P may be waiting on membership getting to 100 first.

Poor Shelley. I read in 'Ariel' the biography of him by Andre Maurois that once, out with Trelawney I think, maybe Byron, he fell out of a boat and made no effort whasoever to save himself, had to be saved but just allowed himself to sink.

A- very snooty and snotty- review here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/...-Library-A-is-for-Ariel-by-Andre-Maurois.html
My first one and I've only completed one has taken *cough* best part of a decade, written while also building up a service. But it stands to reason, the first one is the tooth cutting book, learning the craft as well as producing the book.

Editing typos, tssk
Welcome, Kimberly. I'm sure you will find lots of encouragement and useful information here on Litopia.
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Regression--or rediscovery


Book Review: State of Wonder by Ann Patchett