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Dan Henshaw

Hello, I've just signed up.
Anybody got any advice about what to do on here?
Hi and welcome. First thing is probably read, interesting posts, good advice and lots to learn. Then maybe tell us what you like to write. ;)
Hi Dan, Welcome to the colony.

I second @Alistair Roberts reading through bits and bobs is really useful. Also check out the Facebook thread, all available contacts are there, feel free to connect and add your own :)
Howdy, good to see new faces on here, can't wait to know a little more about you and your work. I can't really say much that hasn't been said already, just have fun and be friendly
Right, thanks everyone.
I'll have a good look around the board later.
In terms of what I write, I've just finished a novel for children (8-12) and am halfway through a second. I'm trying to get an agent but no success as yet.
Does anyone else on here write children's fiction?
I've also written a few short stories for adults - slightly dark.

Well my fantasy series is more adult - teenagers, and at around 99,000 too long for the younger ones I should think ;)
Welcome!!! I write YA speculative fiction. Second novel in the trilogy done...

BUT, I happen to LOVE reading middle grade. I am reading Henry Neff's Tapestry series right now and adore it.
I think anyone who can keep smiling while poking himself in the eye with a live lurcher needs no advice from the likes of me....
Thanks for the welcome. I've been trying to post on here for about a week but it hasn't been letting me! :(
Glad you could finally post. Someone else had a similar problem, which Pete managed to fix. I'd suggest you link to people via Facebook, and if you have more problems you can let someone know that way ;)
Ha - that was me! Seems like I wasn't the only one it went all glitchy on then! Odd how it affected some of us and not others. Hello Dan :-)
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