Greetings, Litopians! I'm excited to be here!

Reedsy Discovery?

I Was Born With The Wrong Name :(

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Hi all,

After 55 years of people saying "You really should write (something other than resumes, newsletters, etc.)," I started writing fiction a few years ago, mostly speculative fiction and literary fiction. My current WIPs are a couple of short stories and my 2nd novel, a contemporary portal fantasy.

Some of my favorite books are Little, Big by John Crowley, The Merlin Trilogy by Mary Stewart, The Facts of Life by Graham Joyce, Coraline by Neil Gaiman and The Snow Queen by Joan Vinge.

I live in the San Francisco Bay area with my husband and our cat, Ubasti.

Looking forward to interacting with you folks!

Thea T. Kelley
@Thea T. Kelley Welcome to the Colony and hope you enjoy it here. I'm sure you'll find Litopia a very welcoming environment.

There's plenty to do and we have lots of people happy to give and receive advice on works in progress. You'll get the most from the Colony with a two-way exchange and you'll be pleasantly surprised how beneficial offering critiques on the works of others is for your own work.

Litopia is a friendly and supportive community and best thing to do is dive right in. You'll find a very helpful intro here How to guide which will point you in the right direction, and the Writing Workshops Directory WWD is a great place to road test your opening pages, chapters, blurbs & synopses etc.

If there's anything you're unsure about or need help with please drop me a message and I'll be happy to help.
Ooooh, another cat person. We have a few here.

Hi Thea

Welcome to the Colony! Glad you have found us. Any questions about the site, please message me. I'm one of the Guardians and always happy to help.

Do check out the Colony Notices to familiarize yourself with how the site works – The Prime Directive is the foundation of our ethos. For literary chat and general socializing, head over to Café Life.

So get stuck in. You'll see that the more you put in, the more you get out.

Great to have you on board.
Hi, Thea, and welcome. Glad you found us. I'm sure you'll enjoy interacting with us all once you get to know the place. Make yourself at home!
Not open for further replies.

Reedsy Discovery?

I Was Born With The Wrong Name :(