Get Saturday’s New Art Of The Blurb Seminar For Free – Last Chance!

It’s never too late!

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Capo Famiglia
Full Member
May 19, 2014
London UK

If you haven’t already signed up for Full Membership here, today (Friday) is your last chance to sign up AND get next Saturday’s live seminar on The New Art Of The Blurb for free.

Here’s how it works.

Seminars – and Huddles – are only available to Full Members who have made at least seven posts in the Colony and have been Full Members for seven days – it’s the “7/7 Rule”. This is designed to prevent total strangers from signing up and getting instant access to Huddles, which as you know are quite confidential meetings.

So if you upgrade your membership today – or give a Gift Upgrade to another member today – they will become eligible to book themselves into the Seminar on Friday (3rd September).

After today, the only other way to attend will be by booking and paying full price (which frankly is still a snip at $19.95 – compare it to any other seminar!).

Upgrade – or gift an upgrade – in the Account Upgrade Control Panel now.
Not open for further replies.

It’s never too late!