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Paul Whybrow

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Jun 20, 2015
Cornwall, UK
Your destiny may be written in the stars, but perhaps you can get a clue of where you're bound from the lines on the palms of your hands.

Palmistry or Cheirology proponents claim that if the Head Line on your palm ends in a tassel-like fork on the Mound of Luna, then you possess a creative ability with words.


The deeper that the fork extends into the Mound of Luna, the more a person retreats into imaginary worlds, with a natural talent for using words. The wider the fork, the more adaptable and resourceful you are.

Apparently, the dominant hand shows the person's actual development, while the line on the non-dominant hand reveals latent talents and potential.

Gawping at my own wrinkled mitts, I find proof of my schizoid personality, for my right dominant hand shows a Writer's Fork that's entirely disconnected from the Head Line. It's as if it was dashed onto my palm, breaking the fork off, so that it's laying beneath the Head Line and moreover facing my wrist rather than the side of my hand. D'oh!

On the other hand, literally, my left Writer's Fork looks like it was branded into my skin, being red, deep and clear.

I'm not sure what to make of this, though I am a Thursday's child—who 'has far to go' according to the old nursery rhyme—so perhaps I should start writing stories in longhand with my potent left hand....

How are your Writer's Forks?

No, I don't see one. But maybe all is not lost. I've got a triangle on the headline and a very chubby mount of Mercury and Jupiter. These are helpful portents if your line of work is focused on teaching, writing, public speaking - or any other jobs centred on written and spoken communication.

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A four pronged fork, at the end of the head line which has a 90 degree curve half way across the palm where it changes direction to run down towards my wrist next to the life line. I seem to have two life lines too. Goodness knows what any of that means.
My sun lines and my fate lines intersect toward the bottom/middle of both palms. I have a marriage line on my left but not my right. My heart lines are deep and long. So are my life lines. Pronounced Jupiter, Saturn, and Apollo mounds on both. Mound of Venus is there, but not as pronounced. What does it all mean? Fascinating stuff. :)
Well, Kirsten, I'm still waiting for that support from ... Oh, well. It's easier to walk the tightrope on ones own. No one can push you off.

You're probably right re: designed to make us feel good about ourselves. And these things can often be interpreted to fit us and our dreams. Having said that, some of it can be uncanningly correct. I guess the jury will remain on Mars.
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An extra life line may also suggest you have survived a near miss....whether or not you knew it at the the time, there's been a 'guardian angel' in the mix. Or it may mean you live 2 very different lives before your story's done. Almost like a re-incarnation during a single lifetime.
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An extra life line may also suggest you have survived a near miss....whether or not you knew it at the the time, there's been a 'guardian angel' in the mix. Or it may mean you live 2 very different lives before your story's done. Almsot like a re-incarnation during a single lifetime.
That would make sense. Uncanningly correct. The jury has just visited earth. ;)
My ballet teacher read palms--which was fitting since she looked and behaved like a gypsy. For one reason or another we were having a sleepover at the dance studio and she told our fortunes.

She said I would have two lives. Not at one time but one right after the other. Then she looked sufficiently worried to frighten a thirteen year old.

I have these writers forks you speak of but I would have to resurrect my dear departed ballet teacher because she's the only palm reader I pay any attention to.
My hands have become damaged and that's also changed my palms. This thing's now going for my right hand big time. Where's the mount of Venus gone, both sides, now the thumbs are sub-luxed, out of alignment? Eh? Eh? Sort that, palm readers.
Maybe :) The village 'cripple' would often also be the village seer or shaman in Nordic cultures, other societies too. He or she couldn't share in the usual tasks, and everyone needs to offer something, whatever they can contribute. Learn to read palms or cast runes, someone will give you a nice, dried salted fish for tea. Oh yum. Being forced to stay still, or not being able to do something you should normally expect to do, forces you to compensate, place your focus somewhere different. I think it's a situational thing as much as an innate thing, we all have it in us. It just demands enough time and space, and for the famous blind seers, Tiresias etc, this was time and space enforced.
When I was a child in the 1960s, my parents had a copy of a reference book called Enquire Within Upon Everything—a lot of homes did, as it was the equivalent of the internet in those days—indeed, it inspired Tim Berners-Lee to design the World Wide Web.

Enquire Within Upon Everything - Wikipedia

Our copy of this thick tome dated from the 1930s and had advice on a wide range of subjects, from cleaning out guttering, to baking cakes to telling someone's fortune. Palmistry was there, of course, but one form divination that fascinated me was called Onychomancy—predicting someone's future by the condition of their fingernails, specifically the little white dots on the nails.

Foolish child that I was, I took to flicking my nails against the edge of tables to produce white dots that would alter my destiny! :rolleyes:

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