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  1. Nmlee

    Saggitarius (Zodiac #12)

    In a story spanning centuries, a curse winds and weaves its way to the heart of Archer. When a multi-millionaire Shetland centaur disappears, a private detective and her partner try their hoof at the case. After being sought out by an acolyte, Nunki must choose to accept her skills and her past...
  2. Nmlee

    Scorpio (Zodiac #11)

    A reporter investigating rumours behind the construction of a new dam discovers something truly monstrous. In search of the mysterious Aqrabuamelu, a woman faces the harsh desert only to find even more dangerous truths. A hieroglyphic stone carrying a deadly threat finds its way to a Dublin...
  3. Nmlee

    Libra (Zodiac #10)

    After arriving in a small town, the Secret Eater discovers a wicked plan. A Russian immigrant learns that you cannot escape the justice of the rusalki, no matter how far you run. The village Guardian is ordered to take a child to the One Lake as an offering, but is torn between her duty and the...
  4. Nmlee

    Virgo (Zodiac #9)

    Mary’s world is changed forever when all she wanted was the ingredients for a simple pad thai. The Astrea is preparing to leave Earth, but will the crew survive the launch? Danny is stuck with his grandparents over summer, but things are not as they appear in their safe gated community. VIRGO...
  5. Nmlee

    Cancer (Zodiac #7)

    The medical breakthrough of the century allows the curing of all diseases, but comes at a cost. A diver makes a discovery under the sea that changes his world. Aaralyn, the young Keeper, is called upon to defend the Mermaid Kingdom. CANCER is a collection of twisted poems and dark stories...
  6. Nmlee

    Gemini (Zodiac #6)

    An unexpected family reunion ends in disaster. Alice finds more she bargained for when crawling through the sewers looking for her twin brother. A detective on the hunt for a serial killer makes a terrifying discovery. GEMINI is a collection of twisted poems and dark stories inspired by this...
  7. Nmlee

    Aries (Zodiac #4)

    A vendetta between a teenager and her dad’s stubborn ram continues into the afterlife. The Persephone’s crew find trouble in a seedy bar in the Arietis sector. Audrey finds herself the guest of a coven of goat-worshipping witches. ARIES is a collection of twisted poems and dark stories inspired...