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3 Distinctive Writing Conferences in December 2021

61 Writing Contests in December 2021 - No entry fees

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Capo Famiglia
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May 19, 2014
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Litopians with longer memories will recall that we used to have a “Craft Chat” area. It was a popular thing to do, and only stopped because the driving force behind it, Carol, left.
I’d like to get this going again, but need your help and input.

What It Is

First, we assemble a small team of Litopians to manage it. The work is not very demanding in terms of time, and I’m suggesting that this time, we have a small team working on it rather than just one person.

The team chooses a topic for the forthcoming Craft Chat. Typically, these are smaller, well-defined topics – not major subjects that are better examined and discussed in our Huddles or Seminars. For example:
  • Backstory
  • World building
  • Foreshadowing
  • Dialogue
  • Introducing A Romantic Sub Plot Into A Non-Romance Novel
  • Correctly Identifying Passive Voice
  • Having Trouble With Show Vs Tell?
  • Filter Words
  • Ways To Show Characterization
All of the above, and more, are topics that the previous iteration of Craft Chat looked at.

To kick things off, the team makes one Craft Chat post that defines the subject and gets under the hood. You can include videos from YouTube, links to other websites... whatever does the job.

The rest of the Colony then has FIVE DAYS to broaden the discussion, ask questions, answer questions, and generally look at the topic from every angle.

Only five days because it’s an event.

The topic then gets frozen and moved into a repository that everyone can later refer to as/when they need to get their head round the subject.

As I say, I’d like to get a small team together to run these events. I’m only thinking of one per month, but obviously, if you felt it could happen more frequently, we certainly could do that.

If you’re interested in forming a CC Team, please indicated below.
Likewise, Rachel. We need maybe 3 – 5 people to make this happen, and Carol has left us with a solid base of topics to cover initially, so it shouldn’t be too arduous for any one person.
Hi, if you need one other person, I would be delighted to be involved. I've been busy organising a home sale and purchase, but have plenty of time to help now!
Not open for further replies.

3 Distinctive Writing Conferences in December 2021

61 Writing Contests in December 2021 - No entry fees