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Changes to the Huddle


Review Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

BrainPick Multiple POV - can they work?


Capo Famiglia
Full Member
Don’t worry, we’re not stopping them :)

But there are some changes afoot that might affect you, so please read on.

With immediate effect, our weekly Saturday Huddles, which have grown tremendously in popularity and I hope usefulness over the Summer, will only be available to members who meet the following criteria:
  • Full membership;
  • Have made at least seven posts here in the Colony since joining;
  • Have been registered on Litopia for at least seven days;
  • Have uploaded an avatar (picture!).

Why are we doing this?

First, we need to ensure that Huddles remain private and confidential. As we grow, we must make sure that members who participate in Huddles continue to take the privacy of other members very seriously. It is a condition of participation that no-one quotes what other members say (or what I say!) and do not keep copies of other members works-in-progress. I emphasize that no-one is accused of doing this; the Guardians and I are merely taking proactive steps to protect your work, as you would wish us to.

Also, over the Summer Huddles were open to all members, whether or not they actively supported us. I felt this was the least we could do to reach out to other writers during such an extraordinary time. I did say that at some point that would have to end, and that point is now. Litopia needs your very modest financial support to exist. A yearly membership works out to about $8 a month… for which you get four Huddles, i.e. about $2 each! Compare that to the extortionate amounts that many other commercial operations charge writers, and I hope you’ll agree we’re good value. But… if you are in genuine hardship, and want to continue Huddling, then please send me a private message. We won’t turn anyone away through lack of funds.

Finally, it will be necessary for new Huddlers to participate! We don’t encourage lurkers. We want to see who you are, and know you’re there for the same reason we all are… mutual self-help.

Review Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

BrainPick Multiple POV - can they work?