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32 Calls for Submissions in November 2018 - Paying Markets


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I'm also curious what Pete makes of this.

Personally, I have NO idea. They may be perfectly legit. But number 13 of their terms and conditions worries me. A lot. The middle bit mainly, where they say they may be developping or producing seperate work which could resemble the entrant's yaddy yaddy ya ... (might be a simple disclaimer, and perfectly innocent.)

They also suggest you register your work with the Writer's Guild of America and some copyright whatsit in the USA. To me, suggesting this sounds weird. I don't know why but it does. Also, I'm not sure, but I thought that registering ones work means sod all? Besides, if they happen to be developping something similar, registering is pointless ... But like I said, I don't know. Maybe check that out as well. Either way, I suspect, registering won't be free.

Plus it's expensive to enter, but that's a seperate issue.

They say they will be circulating the winner's work to top companies. That doesn't mean a hec of a lot. These film companies get tons of subs. They're innundated to the point they have gate-keepers. It's Hollywood, Daaarling, and from what I know, they tend to take scripts from 'trusted' sources. There's too much money invloved for a punt. Just cos BookPipeline are pushing your work under the nose of someone in the industry doesn't mean they'll get anywhere, or that the expert is actually listening. Anyone can make a phone call. Maybe check out what exactly that means, and if they actually have any clout in the industry. You could go as far ringing one of those film companies and ask what they make of them. If they say 'Who?' you have your answer. But that might be a bit of an extreme idea.

On the up side, a $10 k win would be quite nice.

The winner also gets development assistance. Also nice. To adapt it into a script. Presumably with the author? It doesn't say.

I wonder though, are they an editing service or talent scouts who are running a comp? (There's an editing service in the UK who sais they will put your work forwards to agents then clobber you with a % fee.)

What are they gaining from this comp. Will they receive a handsome % if they find a home for your novel / script? Presumably your novel will be turned into a script with you, but if someone else co-writes / helps you, where does that leave you?

Like I say I have no clue, only questions, questions questions.

I shall keep my eye peeled on this thread. I'm curious.
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You acknowledge and agree that Pipeline and/or any participating judges may be independently developing or producing separate works which could resemble the Material and incorporate concepts, themes, formats, plot lines, or characters similar to those in the Material, and that you are not entitled to any compensation and have no rights of any kind with regards to that separate material. However, you retain all rights to the Material itself and any other creative materials submitted to the Promotion.

Even if there was no entry fee., I wouldn't go near it myself, based on that. If they ripped your work off, you would never be able to prove it and you've already ceded your right to challenge them. All they need to do is change a few names and bingo...hey, this is a separate work already in process elsewhere, and any similarities to your own are purely coincidental. This happened to a well known crime writer interviewed on Litopia After Dark, and this was HOW he was ripped off by the Beeb.

I think not, baby puppy.
Pipeline and/or any participating judges may be independently developing or producing separate works
This reminds me: like Katie-E noticed in her post, in the Ts&Cs they say they may be developing or producing seperate works. I forgot to say that when you look at who sponsors the comp, it says this:

The Promotion is sponsored by Pipeline Media Group ... Sponsor is not in the business of purchasing movie ideas, screenplays, or producing motion pictures and has no intention of engaging in such activities now or at any time in the future.

I assume Pipeline Med Gr is the umbrella name for Book Pipeline and Script Pipeline? If so, it's:

A) a contradiction with what they say in the Ts & Cs. So: Are they or aren't they producing? Even if the individual staff memebers are ...
B) well, I guess they're not really in the buiz of purchasing cose the entries of £70 are paying for it, and anyway people are giving the product to them.

Also, we don't know who the previous winners are. They may be the very people who run this company, or their cousins.

I agree with Katie. Barge pole.
VERY quick reactions…

  • Never heard of them. If they want to be taken seriously in a corner of the industry that is rife with small-scale rip-offs, they should disclose the people behind it, and indeed who the judges are.
  • It’s $70 per entry. This is a for-profit enterprise. Also, it may not be the only way they monetize, e.g. I’m guessing that entrants may also receive other solicitations post-entry. Seventy bucks is not a fortune, but what are you actually getting for your buck?
  • “Industry circulation” can mean a whole host of different things.
  • They present themselves as an alternative to the existing system. However, the reason your script isn’t getting traction isn’t that the existing system is broken! It’s actually that the vast majority of scripts aren’t worth the time of day. For most, seventy bucks improving your writing would be a far better investment.
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32 Calls for Submissions in November 2018 - Paying Markets


Amusement Trick or Treat?