Beware the evil EU cookie monster

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Brian Clegg

Aug 7, 2014
Swindon, UK
Quick pointer for anyone with an author website or non-Blogger blog in the EU: from September, if you use cookies you must have one of those irritating pop ups letting people know you use them. You may not think you have cookies, but if you use Google Ads or analytics, PayPal etc, you do.

Google have sorted it out themselves for Blogger sites, but not for self-hosted, WordPress etc (I don't know if Wordpress do it automatically if you don't self-host).

If you need to incorporate one, this is a very easy to use free site that produces a little chunk of code that does the work for you. If you want to see it in action it's on my site: you should get a pop-up about cookies at the bottom.
Not open for further replies.