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Paul Whybrow

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Jun 20, 2015
Cornwall, UK
I’ve been strewing my new video trailer for Who Kills A Nudist? on social media sites that I haven’t troubled in years.

Sometimes, this involves writing a synopsis of the story in only a few words. My mind drifted to the concise way of doing this, the so-called ‘elevator pitch’.

Then my eye was caught by this amusing cartoon penned by the brilliant John Atkinson.


It made me wonder how I’d abridge my first Cornish Detective story…

Something like this:

Clothed detective catches nasty nudist who killed nice nudist. Kaboom!”

How would your book’s plot be abridged?
Ha. Brilliant.
During the first lockdown I set myself the challenge to read the Complete works of Shakespeare, and then reviewed them, giving a rating out of ten.
This my review for Titus Andronicus:

Well that is just disgusting.
0/10 or less.
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