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K.J. Simmill

Okay, I know I've not been around a great deal so I apologise. Life has throw a few curve balls and I've had my hands pretty full. When I've had rare moments of peace I've been opting to write instead of socialise. Hopefully things are starting to calm down, although cancelled appointments, dead car battery and the rest of the hell that was this morning seem to disagree, but I hope to be around more soon.

My reason for popping by today is purely a selfish one, I wanted to ask you something.

As you may, or may not, know I've experienced some success with my first book Darrienia. Book 2 of my series is out, but next year I plan to not only release the third instalment of the forgotten legacies series, but also what could be classed as a series prequel focusing on two of the characters from Darrienia. Herein lies my question. In Darrienia it was essential to include some flashback to events this book will cover (this was easy because like the rest of my series it has been written for some time but needs TLC) However now I am looking into revising this one and getting it print ready do I

A: Keep true to the flashback i.e. a word for word copy and paste, or
B: Keep true to speech and events whilst writing from a different perspective.

What is the norm in this situation?

I have a pretty good idea about what and how I will do it, but I wanted to ask your preference as readers and writers within a supportive community.

Anyway, that's all from me for now.

I hope you're all doing well.

Keep writing :)
Hiya! Good to see you on here however rare - it's lovely to hear your successful news whether here or twitter :)

I'm not sure how to answer your question but am leaning at first glance to second option. Admittedly it's just a quick skim and may think about it some more.

Well done on your success and long may it continue.
I don't think there is a norm. Personally, speaking only from a reader's perspective, if I noticed an exact copy and paste of several scenes in another book, prequel or not, I'd be turned off by it. I think it would pack more of a punch to keep the same details and voice, but tell the events from a slightly perspective. Hope that helps. :)
I've seen it work well both ways. If the repeat is short--a couple of paragraphs or less--it can be a powerful reminder of the previous book. Longer repeats, though, I'd write from a different perspective. Besides, it's a perfect opportunity to show how a different character might see the past in a different way (and create conflict).
As most would probably (and some have) said/say, there is no norm, but your second option would be much better. I agree a straight copy and paste isn't desirable.
Hiya, no need to apologise and nice to see you when you drop by. Agree with most here. Thinking about your question from your readers' view, I'd go for option B. When I read a book with a flashback that has been pasted word for word with no further insight, it is boring to reread, as I remember it first time around, or can go back to the original book, especially if I really loved that book.

Good luck on book two, and hope your day got better. :)
It's good to see you're all in tune with my own thoughts here :)
I had a brilliant time writing it from a fresh perspective and just maintaining the dialect. I always thought copy and paste is a little bit of a cheap cheat but was willing to consider it if that was what most readers would expect.
Thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate your time.

My day did get better. A few more things went awry but such are some days :)

Have a great one everyone, and thanks again
Not open for further replies.

Fanfare! Released into the wild today!

49 Writing Contests in December 2016 - No entry fees