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A Guest from the Old Litopia...

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Capo Famiglia
Full Member
Back in the day, when Litopia was a mere gleam in an agent’s eye, it was all rather different. For a start, we ran on software called Drupal, which was spawned in Hell and challenging, to say the least.

I was ridiculously laissez-faire about almost everything, which in hindsight was a major mistake (lesson - if you’re going to set up a community for writers, make sure you take an interest in it!).

We had our (more than) fair share of ructions. People revolted against the various regimes from time to time. Factions formed and fought. At one point, a whole bunch of people upped and left and founded their own alternative Litopia.

Anyhow, I seemed to have learnt a few lessons along the way (fortunately). More importantly, the emergence of the Guardians – with their positive, supportive ethic – has transformed the place almost beyond recognition. Less drama, more focus on the work of being a writer. Which is hard enough :)

One of the rising stars of the old Litopia was Jamie Mollart. Jamie won us a national award for our Tweets. He also was once of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet. Successfully published now, he’s our guest on this Sunday’s Pop-Ups. I’m sure we’ll be reminiscing a bit about the good/bad old days, and I’m equally sure I’ll be squirming a bit. Join us and see :)

New Workshop

BrainPick Self-publishing formating tools: what do you recommend?