writing tips

  1. Nikky Lee

    Book Review: Writing to live, living to write: tips and takeaways from the NZ Writers Forum

    Last weekend I braved Auckland's public transport system to spend the day surrounded by fellow New Zealand writers. I was only there for half the conference, but I learned a lot (and got to catch up with fellow Litopian @Robinne Weiss too!). Rather than keep these learnings to myself, here are...
  2. Nikky Lee

    Communicating strange ideas to the everyday reader

    Hi everyone, I recently wrote a blog about the tricks I use to communicate strange and complex ideas when writing. While I've learnt many of these from my experience in business writing, I've also found that they've come in handy for speculative fiction writing too (and in some instances vice...
  3. Nikky Lee

    The best fiction writing tips I've received (so far)

    The best fiction writing tips I've received (so far) In summary: 1. Show, don't tell 2. Avoid adverbs 3. Rethink passive voice 4. Edit out filter words 5. Vary sentence length 6. Look out for repetitive starts 7. Recognise your overused words 8. Make dialogue count What are the best...
  4. Katie-Ellen

    Fay Weldon's comments re writing, and how not to write your novel

    Most if not all touched on at some time or other by @AgentPete in Pop-Ups. www.dailymail.co.uk/home/event/article-5967569/Fay-Weldon-not-write-novel.html Lawd gimme strength. Lawd give you strength too. Note also, she listened to herself and not her mother.