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the writing life

  1. Laura Lee

    Imposter syndrome?

    Taking trains pretending somewhere to go someone waiting for me. Might actually be a good anthem for my so-called writing life. While I've been writing more than 50 years and have a fair number of publications, I do feel the imposter syndrome acutely. I'm not young. I don't have a...
  2. Laura Lee

    The twitter lifestyle?

    Hi, all. I am surprised to find myself enjoying twitter (I know, a decade late. Hey, I had dial up internet not too long ago!) I am finding many poets and writers there helping each other. Maybe it's because I am new to it and being careful who I follow--and who follows me? I expected to find...
  3. Laura Lee

    Can poets be considered writers?

    Hello, writers. I am mainly a poet. At another site (gasp!) a novelist told me poets are not real writers since we deal with so few words. He pointed out that during our "write a novel in a month" month, what are we poets doing? Still obsessing about the same few lines or words? (Okay, I...
  4. Laura Lee

    Greetings! Greetings from a new member

    Hi, writers! Glad to be here. Wondering if there are other poets here. I write mainly poetry, but with a strong narrative element. I even write dramatic monologues, which are so out of fashion--I know that. But I love the combination of poetic, dramatic, and fictional elements. I do write...