open submissions

  1. AnnieSummerlee

    Lit Mags (SFF)

    Here's a wee list of pro/semi-pro lit mags that publish SFF This is a TINY sample of the magazines out there, so please add more below. I'm only adding paying mags, but add non-paying ones cause those can be great too. Another great resource is Submittable. You can play around with their...
  2. Erica Verrillo

    17 Publishers Accepting Dark Fiction and Horror - No Agent Required

    Litopians! Here are seventeen publishers accepting dark fiction, horror, urban fantasy, military horror, and anything that goes bump in the night - including vampires. None require an agent, and all are traditional publishers. Some of these publishers have been in business for a long time and...
  3. Katie-Ellen

    Open Submission Coming up, Fantasy, Steampunk...

    World Weaver Press, opening February 1 and they are on twitter. Their wishlist But it's not exhaustive.